The USA and Their War for Democracy

In Iraq or Afghanistan USA have not proved that they have improved local situation more or less otherwise. We can now see from unclassified documents that more than 90% of all casualties are civilian deaths. And that number is even before Obama administration introduced drone strikes. What I am really pissed of is the lack of media coverage from all western media sources. We do not really hear about the horrifying stories which happened in the Iraq or Afganistan soil to the peacefully living families. How the troops killed their innocent loved ones (9 of 10 were innocent). 

I understand that it was hard as well for the soldiers but look at the numbers. 90%. That is official numbers…

If you can understand this. You can see the correlation between the struggles, blood and tiers and the hatred for the Americans. ISIL and other terrorist organizations still till this day use this kind of rhetoric to get new followers. Another factor is going towards their benefit a whole generation of young men who know only war. Their relatives were killed by the western forces. But this is a whole new topic.

In short, we should not forget about the 68,000,000 people who have not been lucky and must live in war thorn countries. We must give them some respect and not call them terrorist. All indications show us we have been the terrorist this time.

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